Summer; time for Summer School?

Temperatures are in the 90’s already, and school’s almost out for the summer. Everyone is looking forward to spending some relaxing vacation time together. Now might be a great time to add some Doggie Summer School to your family’s plans, since freshening up on your dog’s skills will make for a more enjoyable traveling, camping, boating or beach experience for all.

Maybe your dog needs better “on or off-leash” skills. Can you trust he’ll come back if he gets away, chasing that deer? Will he eat those dead fish washed up on the shore, while you’re out for a swim? Will he bark at every other vacationer who passes by at your campsite?
If so, it’s probably time for a training tune-up.

Summertime vacations present a wider range of distractions than you’ll find at home or in your backyard:New people, new settings, new smells and different tastes. Now’s the time to get busy and teach your dog what you really need him to know, before that behavior ruins your vacation. Let’s work on learning those behavior cues that will reduce your vacation stress and make both your lives easier. Call me today, at 240-780-8408, and I’ll show you how.