Dianna is flat out amazing. 

Beth-Jason-and-LyncWe have 3 dogs; 2 Boxers and 1 Great Dane.  All 3 were the best of friends until our Great Dane went in for his neuter and gastro surgery.  The moment he came home our male boxer relentlessly attacked him.  At a complete loss we were blessed to have found Dianna.  She came to the house every week, and worked on getting our family back together.  Today, I am so happy to say the Boxer and Great Dane are nearly back to normal.  Can’t rush our Boxer, as something changed in him the day our Dane came home.  Today, they can look at one another, touch noses, walk side by side, sniff the same scents outdoors and finally live in peace.
Thank you to Dianna.  Should you be lucky enough to find this woman to help you with your four legged friend issues – you found the right lady!!!

Beth and Jason Yocom