He was just waiting for an experienced and skilled trainer like Dianna

ikeOur rescued dog Ike has been a happy member of our family for a year and a half. At first, the outlook was not bright. Chained and outside 24/7 for the first couple years of his life, Ike ended up in a kill shelter before a call to a Border collie rescue gave him another chance. We already owned a Border collie and understood their unique needs. Ike’s neglect had left him with exaggerated Border collie traits and kept his intelligence, socialization and natural instincts stunted. Deprived of contact and stimulation, Ike chewed rocks (with a broken tooth to prove it), tore chunks of grass out of the lawn, counter surfed, jumped up on people, needed serious house training, and had almost no understanding of the power of language and the “goodies” and praise that responding to those commands could bring him. We did not possess the skills needed to turn Ike around.

The rescue organization hoped this would be a successful placement and recommended that we contact Dianna for assistance. Dianna assessed Ike’s situation and designed a custom training program for Ike and us. She introduced us to “clicker” training which quickly reinforced the behavior he needed to adapt to a loving family and in-door living. Dianna met with us weekly to teach Ike new skills and measure his progress. After the six-week training program Ike had learned to respond to a wide set of commands and was well on the way to being well mannered, trained and confident; accomplishments we had thought beyond the reach of an adult dog that had suffered such severe neglect. He was just waiting for an experienced and skilled trainer like Dianna to show him the way. Encouraged by his progress we enrolled Ike in a “tricks” class and another training program offered by Dianna that led to his passing the AKC Canine Good Citizen test.

Ike wins the hearts of everyone he meets. We often receive compliments on Ike’s excellent behavior and intelligence, a transformation, which would not have been possible without Dianna’s help. We would strongly recommend Dianna’s service to anyone bringing a new dog, young or old, into their home. This investment will bring a reward of many years of enjoyment.

Rich and Sally Weinstock