Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Services

dogdishwasherWOW! It’s Fall, already! 

How the time flies! Kids are back to school and the glimmer of the approaching holidays are on the horizon. If company’s coming, or you just want some “Peace on earth” at your house, now’s the time to prepare. Whether your dog is naughty or nice (and could be even nicer), let’s work together  now to make those changes happen.

Does your dog bark excessively, jump up on guests at the door, steal food off the counter or run out the door when he gets the chance, and not come back when you call? Do you have a shy, fearful dog who hides when family members or visitors come? Do you have a shy or fearful dog who panics when you leave the house, who lunges toward other dogs while walking on the leash, or over-reacts around strangers and children?

 ↔Maybe you have a “dish-washer” like Dixie?

The are effective force-free solutions available that can make both your lives easier! Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting offers a range of personalized dog training and behavior modification programs that give you practical, efficient and effective solutions. All private programs begin with an initial consultation to learn more about your goals and your dogs’ challenges, and all sessions are held in your home, at convenient times to best fit your schedule.

Capitol Area Dog Training and Behavior Consulting offers a full range of gentle, effective dog training and behavior modification services, that address those challenges.

  • Personalized Training and Behavior Modification plans for solving complex behavioral issues. Shy and fearful dogs are my specialty!
  • “Good manners” training for family pets
  • New Dog 101/New Puppy 101 Plans: 6-weekly, in-home coaching sessions that cover all the basics, for those new canine family members who need to learn the rules
  • Day Training, concentrated sessions for your dog when you just don’t have time to train
  • Single, 2-hour, problem-solving sessions available to solve those common problems (like walking without pulling, coming when called, and potty training)
  • New pet adoption/New puppy selection counseling and temperament testing
  • AKC Canine Good Citizen and Star Puppy training and testing.
  • Treibball classes, coaching and workshops available.
  • Email or phone consultations.
  • Remote counseling sessions ar available  for out-of-area clients, via video and Skype.

Visit the Training Services tab to learn more about each individual program, the Success Stories tab to see some testimonials from my satisfied clients, and the Graduates tab to see the great faces of owners and dogs who’ve faced and overcome some of the same challenges. 

Call me today , at (240) 780-8408 and tell me about YOUR dog, or fill out the contact form on the right and email me, to schedule an in-home appointment.